A picture is worth a thousand words, but photos can tell a story of life’s greatest moments for generations to come. Inspired right from a young age, I was drawn to the art of photography and how it captures ones personality and emotion at a click of a button. It was not until my teen birthday, my dad bought me my very own camera. With excitement running wild, I took photos of almost everything that came into my field of vision. Soon after graduating with a degree in Information Technology Management, I went after my dream of becoming a professional photographer by learning the techniques, collaborating ideas with professionals alike and training intensively under one of the leading photographers in North America. This gave me exposure to different styles, techniques and the opportunity to a live model shoot. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to be the photographer at many weddings and engagement shoots for very special couples in the last five years. My clients find me spontaneous, fun loving and more importantly easy to work with. If I have to describe my style of work, it’s a fine balance between classic and contemporary. I let the personality of my clients and the mood of the event to call the shots. It’s more important for me to make my clients feel important on their big day. They are the stars of my show, my red-carpet celebrities. I am based in Mississauga, Canada and you can follow my work on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/marinoaloysius.photography.